Protecting land & water for future generations

What We Do


We focus on environmentally significant land and water

in Waukesha County.


Through stewardship practices, we preserve native ecosystems allowing for plants and wildlife to thrive.


Clean air, clean water, and open beautiful spaces for the community today and future generations.


Protect and care for environmentally significant land and water in Waukesha County for future generations

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Waukesha County Land Conservancy Preserves

Land protection can be accomplished in several ways:

Land Donations

Donating land to a land trust is one of the finest legacies anyone can leave their community. Landowners who donate land to a land trust receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the land. The donation may reduce federal estate tax liabilities and will eliminate the responsibility of property taxes.

Conservation Easements

A voluntary legal agreement between the landowner and land trust or government agency. It protects the conservation values of a piece of land by permanently limiting its present and future uses. This allows the landowner to retain ownership and use of his/her property and can be established to protect all or part of a property that has significant agricultural, historic, scenic or wildlife habitat resources.

Land Purchases

Sometimes, land trusts pay full value for land they consider highly significant and extremely threatened by development. Conservation-minded landowners who use this method to sell their land gain peace of mind knowing it will be protected.

Our Approach:

prioritizing environmental significance

Unique, high quality, and/or outstanding natural features​​

Endangered, threatened, or rare species​​ native to our area

Primary environmental corridors, natural areas, and critical species habitat​​

Wetlands, waterways, and bodies of water​​

Outstanding scenic value​

Buffer areas to conservancy preserves of publicly owned land

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caring for land & Water

We rely on our staff, board, volunteers, and contractors to steward the land through:

  • Prescribed burns
    • Burns are critical to maintaining lowland and wet prairies, savanna vegetation, sedge meadows, and marshes
  • Major brush control (forestry mowing, hand-cutting, herbicide)
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Invasive species removal (spraying, pulling, etc.)

What You Can Do

There are countless ways you can help protect land and water. You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time to steward one of our beautiful properties.

Become a Member

The power to protect nature is in your hands.

Be part of a passionate community of people determined to transform nature’s future. Your donation helps fund our mission and the most urgent on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect and restore our beautiful land, water, and wildlife. As a Waukesha County Land Conservancy member, you can make a difference in the community and know you are doing your part for our planet.

Alternate ways to give:

By mail:

PO Box 2572

Brookfield, WI


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By phone:


Monday - Friday 8AM-4PM

Give the Gift of Membership

Sharing your love of Waukesha County's special places with family or friends is an awesome experiential gift that gives for a whole year. Give a gift membership.

Become a Sponsor

We are better together.

To reach our goals, the Waukesha County Land Conservancy depends on relationships with a variety of like-minded partners including agencies, institutions, local businesses and corporations. These relationships are vital to our work and success.

BY BECOMING A SPONSOR you will have the opportunity to showcase that your company is making a difference in our environment and in the communities you serve - the places your customers and employees live, work, and play!

BUSINESSES WILL BENEFIT BY creating a culture of supporting important environmental work and receiving valuable publicity for their efforts on our social media platforms, website, newsletter and bimonthly eNews.

The Waukesha County Land Conservancy’s Sponsorship Program is a great way for local businesses and individuals to give back to their community while helping us maintain the natural beauty, ecological integrity, and safe access to our preserves.

Connect with Nature

work alongside conservancy staff, partners and other volunteers to care for nature, and discover unique events, tours and activities in our community.

Volunteers are needed for stewardship, preserve monitoring, wildlife monitoring, photography, education & outreach, and more.

Some opportunities might include: removing invasive plants; conducting species inventories; annual preserve monitoring; hosting information tables for events; and nature/special event photography.


Waukesha County Land Conservancy's Adopt-A-Preserve program is the official coordination system for generous volunteer efforts to remove invasive species, trash, maintain trails, and sustain land for wildlife and public use spanning over 3,500 acres in Waukesha County. The Adopt-A-Preserve program helps preserve, protect, and care for the environmentally significant lands and waters for our community and generations to come.


  • create healthier and important habitat for local and rare wildlife;
  • build teamwork and collaboration within groups or businesses;
  • give back to your community;
  • fulfill volunteer hours, increase skillsets, and build experience;
  • explore the county you live or work in;
  • learn how to be a steward of Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes and natural communities, to carry into your own yards and landscapes; and,
  • have fun in nature!

Hunt WCLC Preserves

Our local hunting community has a long tradition of supporting the conservation of the Waukesha ​County Land Conservancy’s (WCLC) lands and waters. We thank you for your interest in properties ​owned and managed by WCLC. While some of our properties are open for sporting opportunities, some ​are closed to hunting due to location, access limitations, donation restrictions, or other conditions. In ​all cases, WCLC considers the biological effects of hunting to ensure the protection of the plants, ​animals and natural communities. Every ecosystem must be balanced and with the absence of top ​predators, this balance is easily skewed. Lack of predation on deer can cause a significant population ​increase, which impacts forest regeneration. Today, our hunters perform this ecological role by ​keeping populations in check.

Open preserves for hunting allow ethical-use gun and archery hunting of waterfowl, small game, ​turkey, big game, and trapping. Any hunters using these preserves must have hunting permits from the ​Wisconsin DNR and must follow hunting season regulations put forth by state and local governments. ​Hunters must remain within WCLC boundaries at all times. Learn more about WCLC’s hunting policies.

WCLC Hunting Lottery

A wonderful team of hunters, staff, and board members updated our hunting guidelines and information.

Please take the time to review here as there have been changes to previous years (please note the ​changes in our hunting stand and blinds policy).

Our 2024-25 hunting lottery application is now open. it will close August 15, 2024.

Thank you for being partners in conservation!

Meet the Staff

Allison Heine de Romero

Executive Director

Helen Holtz

Land Management Director

Meet the Board of Directors

Joe Nolan


Neal O'Reilly


Dan Scardino

Vice President

Samantha Adler


Steven Schmuki

President Emeritus

Aaron Feggestad

Pamela S. Angst

Mary Hiebl

Tim Voeller

Jeffrey Koeberl

John Remmers

Contact Us

P.O. Box 2572

Brookfield, WI 53008


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